NASSCOM Comments on Deferential Pricing of Data Services

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The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) commented on issues concerning Differential Pricing for Data Services, it said that any tariff plan should ensure unfettered right for the customer to choose, allow innovation without permission, and have no differential data charges for different apps.

Sharing the recommendations, Mr. R. Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOM, said “We reiterate our firm commitment to Net Neutrality that guarantees users rights to unfettered choice of content and to the creation of a conducive environment for continuous innovation. We strongly oppose any model where TSPs or their partners have a say or discretion in choosing content that is made available at favourable rates, speed etc. We recognize that in India there is an obvious need for collective, concerted and focused efforts to enable relevant content, services or access and to overcome the digital divide. It is therefore important that the regulator should have the power to allow differential pricing for certain types/ classes of services that are deemed to be in public interest and based on mandatory prior approvals. Any such programs should abide by the principles of net neutrality and not constrain innovation in any way.” Read more

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