Most Exciting Brands 2015: WhatsApp & Facebook Rule The Roost

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Her eyes shut still, she grapples around for the phone every morning. Then swipes to turn off the alarm and swipes some more to fire up apps WhatsApp and Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram, in no particular order. They’re also the last things she sees before REM sleep. She is most millennials and Gen-Z, whose oldest members are barely 18. (If you do none of those things, then you are probably made of sterner stuff or are from another century or don’t own a smartphone. Take your pick.)

Social media has altered the very fabric of human interaction, be it social or for commerce, for better or worse. A well established fact, that. Facebook has helped us stay connected and find distant friends to give them an opportunity to marvel at our daily musings, accomplishments, babies, pooches and exciting lives, in general. It is also responsible for a spike in personality disorders and unhappy marriages, according to a study by a British legal firm. Incessant scrolling on Facebook has forever reconfigured the anatomy of the human index finger. There are 55 million daily active users (DAU) on Facebook and 49 million on mobile in India. The number’s a tad higher globally 936 million DAU. And then a little over a year ago the biggest social network on the planet acquired instant messaging app WhatsApp for a mad sum, $19 billion, if we’re being precise. Original post at ET Telecom

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