Mobile Entrepreneurs Want Orange API Toolkit

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Following online survey conducted last quarter of December 2013, we collected detailed answers from Developers and mobile Entrepreneurs out of Kenya, Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast.

Their activities cover various industries such as Agriculture, Business services, Education, Public services, e-Commerce and Marketplace, Entertainment, and Communication & Social Network. Mobile service business model are equally split across free service and paid service for end-user.

Developers and Mobile Entrepreneurs express a resolute wish to engage with Orange APIs, whose list in descending order of interest is: SMS, USSD, Payment via Orange account, Orange Money, and Gateway bridging Internet with SMS/USSD.

Additional take-aways captured by the Orange API Toolbox team are:

– Most developers/entrepreneurs have used APIs (25% operate Google APIs), but 45% don’t use yet Telco APIs;

– Main features expected from an API are: accurate documentation, ease of use, relevant methods, use case examples, and platform performance;

– Crosscountries APIs, ‘APIs spread across a variety of locations’, are a major asset to attract developers;

– Additional tool valued beyond APIs is exposure of start-up service through Orange marketing support, and beta testing with Orange customers.

Final developers’ and entrepreneurs’ words send a blunt requirement: ‘Release whatever APIs you have available right away, do not spend time on sugar-coating the APIs with nice presentation’.

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