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Looking For Mobile De-addiction App- Try BreakFree

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BreakFree, an app developed by Mrigaen Kapadia and Nupur Kapadia controls smartphone addiction and helps mobile phone addicted people to maintain a “healthy digital lifestyle”.

It monitors phone and app usage and tracks how addicted you are to your phone and apps. With visual characters, graphs and stats, the app guides you on how you can control phone usage.

Citing a study report, the official website of the app claimed, “an average adult checks his phone a whooping 110 times a day. That makes it once every 13 minutes. And for most people this peaks to once every 6 seconds in the evenings.”

So if you, like most people, are checking your phone when you could be spending time with a real human being, or doing something constructive, then BreakFree is for you.

Using an algorithm the app studies phone usage pattern and calculates an addiction score in real time. Users can track their progress with daily, weekly and monthly graphs.

BreakFree warns users with timely notifications via its character, Sato. Example: If you are using a particular app for long or making too many calls or have used the phone for over an hour, Sato will notify you to slow down.

With this smartphone users can view addiction score, top used apps, call patterns and other functions that would help the users make an “informed decision to take necessary actions.”

Besides, it also provides phone management tools such as disabling the internet, rejecting phone calls and sending auto text messages. One can completely control his/her habits by scheduling these tools to run on a given day at a given time. For instance, say you want to spend family time every Sunday from 3 PM to 6 PM, then you can schedule your phone to disable sound and internet, so that you are not disturbed by calls and notifications during this time.

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