IoT Startups of Bengaluru Lure Investors

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Four of sixteen IoT startups mentored by India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Bengaluru receives funding. The organizations said it was a promising start for IoT startups, ventures that create solutions that allow devices to talk to each other.

Bengaluru-based SenseGiz has raised $600,000 from Japanese investor New Indigo Ventures and Karnataka Semiconductor Venture Capital Fund (Karsemven). SenseGiz’s flagship product Find is a track-and-find Bluetooth tag that can be used to prevent losing keys, bags and laptops.

Cardiac Design Lab, an ambulatory cardiac monitoring and diagnosing system, and Xenon Automotive, a startup that drives a better experience for car owners, have also each raised up to a $1 mil lion, sources said. E-wallet provider Paytm recently invested $10 million in logistics data analytics firm LogiNext Solutions. Read more

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