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Indian Internet Traffic to Reach 2246.5 PB By 2017

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Network and communications provider, CISCO expects the total consumer based traffic for sharing of file, video, online games and web and other data in India through fixed internet, managed IP and mobile will reach 2246.5 Petabyte (#1 PB = 1000 TB) by 2017.

In the year 2013 the total volume of data traffic was recorded at 538.3 PB and the expected traffic  during the forecast period is 4 times larger than 2013.

File sharing traffic of mobile phone alone will contribute 36.8 PB up from 2 PB last year.

According to CISCO VNI, February 2014 report the country will witness a decline growth of traffic flow through fixed lines from 2015 (194 PB) to 2017 (166 PB).

However, there would be a significant growth in video traffic. By 2017 the total traffic of video in India will be 6 times larger than 2013, while global traffic will be equivalent to 37 DVDs/hours.

Web and other data sharing in the country will increase steadily, by the year 2017 the volume of total traffic will reach to 464.6PB.

While, internet data traffic in China will increase by 3 fold at 13950.2 PB by 2017 up from 5510.3 PB in 2013.

#TB = Terabyte (1000 GB)

PB = Petabyte (1000 TB)

EB = Exabyte (1000 PB)

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