Indian 3G Growth Exceeds Global Average As Mobile Data Traffic Jumps 87% In 2013

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India has exceeded the world average of mobile broadband data growth, according to latest NSN MBit report, an annual report on mobile broadband performance in India.

Surpassing the world average that is roughly doubling every year, the report said, “3G data grew by a whopping 146% in 2013, a growth rate much higher than that seen in other parts of the world, where broadband data (3G & LTE) is growing at an average of 100%.”

Total mobile data increased by 87% from Jan 2013 to Dec 2013. 3G continues to be the prime contributor in the data growth with 43% of total mobile data in 2013 as against 33% in 2012. 2G growth rate and share in total mobile data is stabilized despite of reduced premium on 3G services and higher smart phone penetration.

Growing at 185% y-o-y, CAT A circles continue to ride the 3G wave, a spectacular growth considering the circles had the highest 3G payload among all circles in the beginning of 2013.

However, the 3G coverage in India is much below the levels needed to provide superior customer experience associated with 3G technology. Even in ‘Top 50’ cities by mobile traffic in CAT A and CAT B circles, many cities are not covered by 3G and require an additional 20-25% of existing sites for coverage.

Suggesting that fine tuning ‘place’ by increasing 3G coverage across circles and ‘promotion’ by partnering with OTT/ Social media players can take 3G to sky-high levels in India, the report maintained that the 3G ‘product’ &’price’ have come to a level conducive for mass adoption in the past two years.

“India is recording mobile broadband data growth figures higher than most other markets,” Sandeep Girotra, head of India region at NSN said, while he also stated “With the recent spectrum auctions paving the way for acceleration of mobile broadband penetration in the country, there is a great opportunity for India to create a world-class infrastructure and improve the lives of millions of Indians. This can be achieved through a wider 3G rollout as well as through selected introduction of LTE technologies and the modernization of existing GSM networks.”

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