Idea-Blackberry in Pact for Corporate Offering

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Mumbai-based telecom operator Idea Cellular and Canadian telecom equipment company Blackberry have joined hands to offer a mobile device management offering without software licence charges for enterprises. Targeting small and medium enterprises in particular, the venture will offer to address security requirements and device control even if the device belongs to the employee.

In cases such as fleet management, which has come in the spotlight after an Uber taxi service driver allegedly raped a customer, the company can ensure for a subscription ranging from Rs 199 to Rs 399 per month, for instance, that the global positioning tracking of a mobile phone cannot be shut off.

Idea Cellular will initially sell this solution to its 15,000 corporate customers, raising average monthly revenue per subscriber to Rs 700 per month for corporate clients which is at Rs 550 at the moment. The average monthly revenue per subscriber in the last quarter was Rs 181. Original post at ET Telecom

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