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Huawei Launches New Flagship Ascend P7

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Chinese manufacturer Huawei has announced a new flagship handset, the Ascend P7, at an event in Paris.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has launched an update to its flagship Ascend smartphone, attempting to capture more of the European market with devices sold under its own brand.

The Ascend P7 improves upon the P6, launched last year in London, with a 5in full HD screen and 2GB of ram. It boasts two high-end cameras: a 13 mega pixel sensor on the rear and an eight mega pixel sensor on the front, meaning that “selfies” taken with the aid of the screen as a viewfinder will not be grainy, low-quality affairs, as is the case on some other devices. The lens also offers a panoramic option for capturing groups of friends together.

Like its predecessor from last year, it’s remarkably thin, and will be available in black, white and pink with a sleek glass back.

The Ascend P7 enables ultra-fast 4G LTE speed and a dual antenna design to improve signal reception. It also uses smart network switching technology that stabilise weak connections.

It is also expected to undercut many rivals on price, at a recommended €449. In many ways Huawei are currently in a similar position as Samsung was several years ago, battling to enter the smartphone market.

The company claims that brand awareness across the globe last year was 52 per cent, up from 25 per cent in the previous year, so it is certainly gaining ground. The very first Ascend, the P1, was only launched in 2012.
The P6 has been sold into 100 markets, with over four million having already been bought. Original post at The Telegraph

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