Huawei and Infosys Launched Smart Stadium Solution

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Huawei, ICT solutions provider joined hands with Ifosys to launch Smart Stadium Solution. The solution provides high-speed Wi-Fi access and smart services for users in sports stadiums and exhibition centers. Huawei’s Agile Controller transmits user and terminal information to Infosys’ service platform through network interfaces, assisting stadium operators in provisioning innovative services and gaining more revenue.

“The critical point of the Smart Stadium Solution is to link all people, games, terminals, and displays in the stadium through a fully connected wireless network. Moreover, through the in-depth coupling of the network and applications, our solution brings spectators an excellent and enjoyable experience. Stadium operators and event sponsors can also achieve more effective operations via the fully-connected digital platform.” Said Ma Da, General Manager for Agile Network Solution, Huawei. Read more

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