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How Vodafone India Utilizes NOC to Better Customer Experience

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Telecom service provider Vodafone on Wednesday said its Super Network Operations Center (SNOC) and Super Network Experience Center (SNEC) in Pune, India, are contributing to improve customer experience.

Vodafone said SNOC – spread across 40,000 sq. feet with a housing capacity of 600 resources – is equipped with CO2 monitoring system, photo-hydro ionization cells with modern access control and energy efficient fixtures.

Main benefits of SNOC include 20 percent improvement in efficiency, 38 percent more efficiency as compared with other NOCs in India, 46 percent reduction in data consumer complaints as compared with last year, more than 30 percent increase in 3G Network Quality Index in key 3G regions, said Vodafone India.

This apart the SNOC enabled Vodafone India to benefit from average 40 percent reduction in alerts for value added service activation, caller ring back tone, missed call alert and cell tick (flash) services, 77 percent reduction in alerts for IT applications like CRM, Microsoft Exchange, etc, 38 percent reduction in mean time to restore for key regions.

India is the largest data traffic market for Vodafone globally. “We are deploying 1,000 sites per month in India. We recently beat Germany in terms of data growth with 99,000 TB data,” said Vodafone officials. Original post at Telecom lead

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