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How 4G Will Revolutionize The Ecommerce Industry In India

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Indians are yet to embrace 3G wholeheartedly, and there we have 4G waiting right out there to come to the forefront. 4G, which provides wide area coverage and high speed to mobile as well as laptop users, while offering peak upload rate of 500 mbps and peak download rate of 1GBPS is slowly becoming the ‘Next Big Thing’.

With 4G taking the Indian market by storm, the demand for smartphones is taking an upward swing. The 4G rollout is further influencing the sphere of e-commerce immensely. Online retail firms have to confront logistics as well as connectivity hindrances in order to serve their patrons efficiently. These issues can be solved with 4G Internet services. By providing cutting-edge speed and connectivity, 4G is helping online firms to tackle their problems easily. Click here to read the original post at ET Telecom

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