Government Must tax Facebook, WhatsApp: Vodafone

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Vodafone has said that the government should tax over the top (OTT) players like WhatsApp, Viber, Hike and Facebook as they are getting a “free ride” on telecom networks without paying for spectrum or any other fee.

“We should make sure that there is a level-playing field,” Vodafone India MD and CEO Marten Pieters told TOI, voicing his concern against the growing strength of OTT players, while riding the internet network of mobile operators.

While conceding that “technological innovations cannot be stopped”, Pieters said a way should be found to ensure that the “burden” of tax and revenue share (paid by telcos) is shared. “We (operators) have to pay taxes, license fee and have to share revenue (with the government). The other guys have a complete free ride.” Original post from ET Telecom, click here to read

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