Google Launches The Cloud Price War

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Google slashed prices for its cloud-computing services, revving up competition with rival Amazon Web Services and setting the stage for a more general price war in the cloud.

At the company’s Google Cloud Platform conference in San Francisco, the company announced a 68% price cut for its cloud storage service and a 32% cut for Google Compute Engine, which runs major computing jobs for customers on virtual machines. The cost of using Google’s BigQuery system, which performs Big Data analysis, has likewise dropped by 85%.

Amazon snatched an early lead in the race to provide true on-demand compute power for business customers, leaving competitors such as Microsoft and Google to play a serious game of catch-up. Google has so far been much further behind, and now appears to be taking a tack familiar to underdogs everywhere—cut prices faster and farther than anyone else.

Google has made its cloud development tools more accessible and flexible than ever, said Urs Hölzle, senior vice president of technical infrastructure. Hölzle noted that cloud prices haven’t dropped as quickly as Moore’s Law, and said Google’s aggressive moves are intended to bring the cost of cloud computing in line with the declining cost of computing hardware.

Google intends its Cloud Platform to serve as an online repository of tools that companies need for powering their business. So far, Amazon has reigned over this market, attracting big corporate customers across a swathe of industries. These are the kinds of companies with tens of thousands of employees that need access to a wide array of business applications. Original post at readwrite

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