Global LTE User Base Hits 240m

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There are now 288 LTE networks live in 104 countries, and more than 240 million LTE subscribers worldwide, the GSA estimates.
Just under 500 operators across 150 countries have launched LTE or made firm commitments to do so, the industry body said.
The 1800-MHz band remains the most widely used spectrum for LTE. It is used in 43% of FDD LTE deployments by 124 LTE operators as either a single or multi-band system.
The band also has the most diverse device ecosystem, with more than half of newly launched 4G terminals supporting 1800-MHz.
The next most popular LTE bands are 2.6-GHz (26.7% of networks) and 800-MHz (13.5%).
On the TD-LTE front, 36 networks have been launched in 24 countries. This translates to one in every eight commercially launched LTE network incorporatingTD-LTE. Among operators which have deployed TD-LTE, 23 operators use TDD only and 13 are using both TDD and FDD modes.
According to GSA president Alan Hadden, “108 LTE networks have been launched in the past year, coverage is rapidly expanding, and LTE subscriptions growth is impressive. More operators are preparing to introduce voice service for their LTE customers with VoLTE, and investments in LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation technology is now the main trend.” Original post at telecomasia
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