Genband’s Prediction on WebRTC for 2016

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WebRTC trends in 2016 is categorized into four main verticals, starting with wearables, sensors, embedded and mobile applications to experience real-time communications interactions. Wearables packed with sensors like apparel, fitnessbands and jewelry will provide valuable biometric data that can be used to provide health and fitness based services. Vehicles and remote locations can be embedded with valuable information on location and can also contain troubleshooting information and support.

“With the advancement of software defined networking, virtualized network infrastructures, growing capacity and access to that capacity, and the interconnection software that makes it possible for end users to move automatically between cellular, mobile and fixed networks keeping sessions “in state” – light bulbs are going off all over the place on how developers can build apps and experiences of the contextual, human kind,” Said Ashish Jain, director of solutions marketing at Genband. Read more

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