G.Fast Gets ITU Nod

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The ITU has given its final approval to the G.fast standard, paving the way for commercial gigabit copper deployments before the end of next year.

“The time from G.fast’s approval to its implementation looks set to be the fastest of any access technology in recent memory. A range of vendors have begun shipping G.fast silicon and equipment, and service providers’ lab and field trials are well underway,” noted ITU secretary general Hamadoun Touré, in a statement on Friday.

G.fast works by using higher frequencies to enable every DSL sub-channel to carry significantly more data. It is particularly susceptible to crosstalk though, which means it must be deployed in concert with vectoring. Even then, its effectiveness is limited to very short copper loops; reaching speeds of up to 1 Gbps has so far only been achieved over distances of 100 metres or less.

It is particularly well-suited to fibre-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp) scenarios. G.fast also supports plug-and-play customer premises equipment (CPE), making it relatively easy to connect customers. Original post at Total Telecom 

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