Fermedicius Builds a Smart Irrigation Product to Aid Farmers

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Fermedicius a Bengaluru based nutraceutical technology start up has developed an IoT product for irrigation purpose which won Infy Award, the device uses image processing technique to identify number of lumps, texture and colour of the soil and analyses optimum quantity of water require for the crop, it then makes a call to the farmer to turn on the tubewell. And, when it has got enough water, it tells him to stop the flow.

“Most of our irrigation is flood irrigation, where the farmer allows the water to flow through his far. There is excess use of water. But science tells us that for the best crop we need optimum water, not less, not more. What our technology does is tell the farmer when his farm needs water. It automatically makes a call to him and turns on the tubewell. All he needs to do is make another call to the number to turn it off” – said Nitesh Kumar, Co-founder, Fermedicius.

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