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Facebook Launches Open Source Platform TIP

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Facebook starts “Telco Infra Project”, an open source initiative to create hardware and software platform for telecommunication industry. The objective of this initiative is to produce simple, efficient, and flexible technologies to develop future networks. TIP will work in three focus areas: access, backhaul, and core and management.

“One of the great things that happens in OCP is that it allows engineers and operations teams from different companies to come together and collaborate on building hardware that works for everyone. People with technical and operational expertise can work together to solve the hardest problems at hand. Where OCP addresses hardware in the data center, TIP will focus on interoperable software systems and components involved in access, backhaul, and core networks, with the goal of building an open ecosystem in which many companies can contribute to the advancement of each”, said Jason Tylor, President, OCP, Facebook. Read more

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