Evolution of Communication with RTC and PaaS

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Most everyone loves real time communication (RTC) as the next big thing for businesses to engage with customers, from the beginning sale to ongoing support. In fact, this is becoming increasingly evident with the momentum that has been gathering around WebRTC applications development and deployment in particular as its ease of multiple media interactions from within a browser without the need for plug-ins demonstrated in 2015. That said, it is the combination of RTC plus leveraging platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that is bringing the next evolution of communication with easier to use and more compelling customer engagement capabilities.

Customer engagement is not quite a cliché these days, but it is close. With a range of advertising and social media options, being able to have more intimate and flexible interactions with a customer at all parts of the business cycle is not simply required, but vital. Customers are using a wide range of media types, from email and instant messaging to voice and video, and expect businesses to have “all of the above” when it comes to communicating. And all of the above includes both stock web interactions and optimized interfaces on mobile devices. Read more

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