EU To Scrap Roaming Charges

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As European Union lawmakers expressed their support to scrap roaming charges, the union of 28 European member states is all set to regulate free mobile roaming in the EU.

Earlier, Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister, David Cameron announced that they both support ending roaming charges in the EU.

And, recent reports suggesting that the European Union is ready to scrap roaming charges altogether as soon as October.

The member states voted in Brussels on Tuesday to drive the package through in time for the European elections in May next year, to come into force as soon as 1 July 2014, The Telegraph reported.

They expect the death of roaming charges to typically wipe 2pc off mobile operators’ revenues, after several years of tightening regulations designed to put an end to shockingly high bills for holiday makers and business travellers. They argue that operators will gain in the longer term by customers using their mobiles more abroad, particularly to access the internet, the report added.

Roaming has fast become a top priority for operators and Telco Industry as a whole. As strategies for alternative ways of dealing with roaming fees are debated and created, an ‘open Europe’ is quickly becoming a reality and action needs to be taken now.

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