eSIM Cards are Here to Boost the IoT

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With the expectation of  connected devices to, technology that connects these devices is also evolving constantly. One of them is eSIM which will not be in a card form at all, and comes embedded in devices. From the moment they are definitely deployed, they will become available for endless (many estimate that close to a billion) devices.

The UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) will be included at factory/production time. The subscription to a mobile network is downloaded remotely and not embedded. The industry has working together in order to develop a fully GSMA compliant standard. Following these specifications ensures that users must have the freedom to choose any device, and that it will be fully operational regardless of the eSIM provider, device manufacturer or mobile operator.  Operators must also be able to select and deploy any remote server to manage any eSIM independently of the supplier. The key aspect is that the entire ecosystem complies with GSMA specifications. Read more

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