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Ericsson, Orange Trial LTE-A over 3.5-GHz

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Ericsson and French mobile operator Orange have completed the first live trial of FDD LTE-Advanced using the 3.5-GHz band.

During a lab trial, the companies achieved peak speeds of 300 Mbps by aggregating spectrum from the 3.5-GHz band with 2.6-GHz carriers.

The second stage of testing involved Orange’s live LTE network in the French city of Bordeaux using Ericsson’s pre-commercial FDD 3.5-GHz base station equipment.

Using the 3.5-GHz band alone, the companies achieved a peak performance of 150 Mbps at a distance of up to 700 Mbps. Incorporating 2.6-GHz increased the speeds to 300 Mbps.

The trial used Orange’s network grid for 1800-MHz and 2.6-GHz spectrum, proving that the existing grid can be reused for a 3.5-GHz macro grid, the companies said. Original post at Telecom Asia

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