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EE Beats Rivals in Ofcom Network Test

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Operator has fastest upload, download speeds; 3UK ranks last.
EE on Thursday outshone its rival U.K. operators in a mobile network performance test carried out by Ofcom.

The telco regulator took approximately 210,000 measurements of download speed, upload speed, Web browsing speed and latency at indoor and outdoor locations in five major cities: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester. The tests, which measured 4G and 3G performance, were conducted by Ofcom engineers between March and June this year.

EE’s 4G network topped the table in terms of average download and upload speed, followed by O2, then Vodafone (see chart). 3UK ranked last. It was not all bad news for 3UK though, its 4G network had the quickest load times for Web browsing, followed by EE, and it came second after EE in the latency ranking, followed by Vodafone, then O2. Original post at Total Telecom

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