DataWind to Setup Manufacturing Facility in Bihar

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DataWind, a Canadian handset maker is planning to setup a manufacturing facility in Bihar, with Governments support the company is aiming to be operational by mid 2016. It also plans to tie-up with some technical institutions in the state to train the engineers to build apps as a part of skill development. “Engineers can use DataWind platform to market their product and even develop new ones for other companies,” said Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of DataWind.

“I basically come from a small town of Amritsar and very well understand the needs of people in smaller states and towns. My aim is not only to set up a manufacturing unit but also promote Internet usage, so that youths coming from remote villages are able to use it for getting best education, which is not possible at times due to lack of good schools and teachers,” said Tuli. Read more

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