Cloud Costs Less Than Traditional Alternatives

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By- Jonathan Brandon

In the cloud space it’s exceedingly difficult to find apples-to-apples comparisons, which is among other reasons why there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the true cost of cloud-based infrastructure solutions and when it makes economic sense to use them (or, when it doesn’t).

In a report recently published by Skyscape, a cloud service provider and consultancy, the company endeavoured to evaluate the cost gap between traditional on-premise or collocated implementations of infrastructure platforms and their cloud-based correlates.

The organisation compared costs over a period of three years for cloud-services offered at various impact levels: IL0, a compute platform with minimal security parameters, suitable for test and development for instance; IL2, a platform suitable for high-traffic web applications and certified to ISO 27001, or similar national security standards; and IL3, a very secure platform suitable for complex enterprise workloads.

Across the board, the cloud solution came out cheaper. Original Post at Business Cloud News

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