Chinese Smartphone Makers Gaining Market Share in India

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Chinese smartphone makers like Vivo, OPPO, Gionee, LeEco and Lenovo are gaining market share over players like Apple, Samsung and LG. Market share for chinese brands soar to 22% by the end of Dec-2015, upfrom the 12% share early in 2015. And non-Indian, non-Chinese brands, Apple, Samsung among them, saw their market share drop steeply from 44% to 37% in the same period. Chinese phones are selling fast because of their aggressive marketing. “Their (Chinese players’) leaner portfolio, (their ability to) capture trends with faster mode of distribution (online) and aggressive marketing campaigns gave them much needed momentum,” Tarun Pathak, senior analyst with Counterpoint Research said.


“The fight is between the No 3 to the No 8 position, whose market shares are hovering between 10 per cent and 5 per cent, they’re the ones who are most vulnerable, as they have some pockets of strengths, so it’s easy for them to take one state or one channel, as opposed to top two players who have strong across-country, across-distribution channel approach,” said Micromax chief marketing officer Subhajit Sen. Read more

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