China Mobile Taps Ericsson to Launch 5G

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China Mobile Research Institute signs an MoU with Ericsson to collaborate on 5G research and development, under the agreement the companies will cooperate in developing 5G radio technology, Internet of Things and standardization of 5G towards global alignment.

Yuhong Huang, Deputy Head, China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), says: “China Mobile officially deployed 4G at the end of 2013, and 4G+ is now officially launched. We aim to improve network performance, which has provided 300 million customers with excellent user experiences, and which is the key driver for China’s Internet+ strategy.”

“The Internet+ strategy is intensifying, and momentum is growing in China in relation to transformation and upgrade of traditional industrial lines and business models, by leveraging the most advanced information and communication technologies. As the next generation of mobile infrastructure, 5G is the key pillar for ICT development globally. We feel that closer and more active cooperation between Ericsson and China Mobile will foster tangible results in 5G by helping to drive standardization, research and development, and creating an integrated, cross-industry ecosystem.” Read more

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