AT&T Reaffirms Fibre Plan Following FCC Fracas

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AT&T has told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) it will still roll out fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) in 25 cities but has put plans to expand the programme on hold due to regulatory uncertainty over net neutrality.

The U.S. telco was recently asked by the FCC to clarify its fibre strategy after its CEO, Randall Stephenson, suggested the company might scale back its investment in high-speed fixed broadband.

The comments were made after President Obama called on the FCCto adopt Title II of the Communications Act as the legal framework for regulating the open Internet, and thereby reclassify broadband providers as common carriers and subject them to much tighter regulation.

Stephenson suggested that due to the ensuing uncertainty, AT&T would backtrack on previously-announced plans to deploy fibre in up to 100 cities, with the exception of the 2 million homes the company has pledged to connect if its $48.5 billion DirecTV acquisition is approved.

This prompted a letter from the FCC seeking clarity from AT&T on its fibre strategy. Original post at Total Telecom

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