Aria Systems Launches Cloud Based Solutions for Connected Cars

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Aria Systems, a cloud based platform provider launches cloud-based offering for IoT-enabled connected cars, heavy equipment, on-demand transportation as a service, telematics, and post-sale/lease add-on services. Aria for Connected Vehicles can be employed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), third-party device manufacturers, and service providers who need to rapidly create, introduce, test, and scale a wide variety of IoT and digital offerings.

According to the June 2016 Forrester report by Frank Gillett, The Retrofit Future of the Connected Car, “It’s time for product CTOs and CIOs to explore the tech to support new services.” He adds, “Follow the lead of the CMO in targeting specific customer experiences. Now is the time to start mapping and strategizing the IoT technologies, software and data integration, analytics, enterprise architecture, and IoT software platforms that you’ll need.” Read more

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