Application of WebRTC in Identity Authentication

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Face-to-face meeting is still the most fundamental way to engage in real-time communications. There’s a reason why real-time communications (RTC) standards like WebRTC are so compelling: they offer the same “in present” confirmation of a person’s identity without the expensive and time-consuming travel element, according to a recent blog post by Chris Kranky (Chris Koehncke), who writes about emerging communications technology. It can also help with the second part of two-factor authentication, a security measure that requires two means of identifying that a person is who he says he is.

“Image a WebRTC video photo taken when you want to authenticate yourself on a Web site,” blogged Kranky. “The WebRTC piece is important, but it’s child’s play. Capture the photo and securely send it back home. The real work is back is in the data center. How to process the image and assign a confidence factor that it is in Chris Kranky despite the dim lighting in some far off hotel room.” Read more

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