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Apple Dominant In Enterprise Apps, Business Tablets

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By- Jonathan Stewart

Business and enterprise users continue to prefer Apple’s ecosystem for work according to a Good Technology report, with the iOS App Store providing 93 percent of enterprise apps and Apple holding 92 percent of business tablets.

The mobility solutions vendor’s global report showcases the continued dominance of Apple in business despite the significant growth in the field and cheaper options on the market.

Focusing on the first quarter of 2014 and surveying members of the banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, government, aerospace and defence sectors, the ‘Good Technology Mobility Index Report’ claims that enterprise application activations saw a 57 percent growth in Q1, an increase from 54 percent and 43 percent in the previous two quarters.

Despite a one percent drop from the last quarter, Apple holds 72 percent of enterprise device activations, with Android trailing at 27 percent. The Windows Phone is well behind with one percent of new devices. Original post at Macword

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