Anveshan 2016 IoT Fellowship

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If you have an idea in the rapidly growing and evolving Internet of Things (IoT) space that would transform tomorrow, Join Analog Devices’ Anveshan 2016. Anveshan will help give shape to your idea and make it a reality!

This year we are opening up Anveshan to Engineering University Students, Startups and Makers, Hobbyists, alumni, graduating students and would-be-entrepreneurs.

Anveshan provides a platform to create and experiment innovative IoT Applications, develop a prototype from Sensor to the Cloud, experiment and innovate with key technologies like energy harvesting and connectivity, develop breakthrough concepts and algorithms for IoT use-cases and experiment with IoT platforms with analytics running on the edge, fog or cloud. The Fellowship gives an opportunity for the Indian Engineering students, alumni, startups and makers, hobbyists and would-be-entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation, learn, design and architect a complete innovative product or an ioT service in a low risk setting with all the help from Analog Devices specialists and mentors, with the creation,funded and guided by Analog Devices for a full-fledged development duration, up to 9 months. Read more

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