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Analytics firm Vymo raises $5 million from Sequoia India

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Vymo, a Bengaluru-based predictive sales analytics start-up, said it has raised $5 million in a series A round of fundraising from the venture capital firm Sequoia India.

The start-up will use this funding to deepen its research and development (R&D) initiatives and expand its presence in international markets in regions such as the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

“Sales tools typically add effort for the sales representative and give value to the sales manager. Vymo’s solution requires low or minimal data input and enables the sales representative to be more productive. Vymo uses data from 25,000-plus sales representatives to map out skills and provide real-time recommendations, helping its users choose their most efficient course of action,” said Yamini Bhat, co-founder and chief executive of Vymo, in a statement. Read more

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