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Alcatel-Lucent Introduces Radio Interface to Lower Opex

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Alcatel-Lucent to introduce a radio interface for distributed antenna systems to allow mobile operators to improve signal performance and reduce operational cost by 90%. By connecting the DAS RFM into Alcatel-Lucent’s distributed radio access network architecture, operators can also take advantage of scalable technology. The 9926 digital baseband unit, connecting into a number of distributed radios, can divert capacity where needed when there are spikes in traffic, redistributing capacity to other radios when no longer required.

Commenting on the launch, Nick Marshall, Research Director of ABI Research said: “Alcatel-Lucent’s new DAS RFM solves a major problem for operators and building owners alike. In the most densely populated areas where DAS technology is commonly deployed, space is a premium and lease costs are high. Alcatel-Lucent’s product will reduce the amount of equipment needed and with neutral host capabilities it can connect to any DAS.” Read more

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