Cloud Tie-Up: Alcatel-Lucent Partners With Intel

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Alcatel-Lucent joined forces with Intel Corporation to help operators worldwide improve their marketing, operation, originate new products and services for consumers and business customers with the use of cloud technologies.

Announcing the collaboration at the Mobile World Congress, Alcatel-Lucent said Sunday in a release that as long-standing partners already working in the virtualization space together.

Both companies believe these are the key underlying technologies to apply their combined resources and expertise and the ones that will drive a huge leap forward for the industry.

“Commitment to accelerating development and delivery of optimized virtualized cloud, wireless and IP Network Functions using Intel Architecture,” Alcatel-Lucent added.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) appeals especially to mobile service providers now because it allows them to innovate more quickly and easily while providing the best return on their investments in an all-IP network infrastructure such as LTE.

Specifically the expanded collaboration will focus on three areas to accelerate the development of three Alcatel-Lucent platforms optimized on Intel architecture to improve performance and scale.

Virtualized Radio Access Networks (RAN) portfolio, developing and optimizing Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE and LTE-Advanced wireless products will enable operators to use general purpose platforms in configurations that will reduce TCO and increase operators’ ability to scale networks to satisfy mobile data demand with rapidly changing devices and applications.

Cloud Platform, developing and optimizing Alcatel-Lucent’s CloudBand™ NFV platform including joint contributions to the Open source community and a push to accelerate service provider testing, validation and deployment of NFV technology and products.

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