Airtel rises up to 4G challenge

Airtel Expands 4G Service on Mobiles in Kolkata

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India’s leading mobile carrier Bharti Airtel launched 4G services on mobile in Kolkata Tuesday, which will enable customers to experience 4G data speeds on select smartphones.

Airtel’s 4G on mobile services’ can be experienced in Kolkata on smartphones such as iPhone 5S, 5C, LG G2 and Xolo LT 900. The company has already launched such high-speed 4G data services on mobile in cities such as Bangalore and Chandigarh.

Bharti Airtel began its 4G odyssey from Kolkata more than two years ago, but such data services were till date offered through dongles.

While 4G data browsing can now be experienced on select Apple and Xolo smart devices by Kolkata customers using’s Airtel’s 4G network on the 2300 Mhz band, voice calls will be routed on the 2G network seamlessly with the circuit switched fall back technology. Original post at The Econonic Times

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