Ultra Mobile CEO Shares 2016 Telecom Predictions

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Mobile communications have transformed the way we live – from how we work, to how we pay for goods and even how we keep in touch with our loved ones. Having a mobile device has become a necessity.

For the 45 million foreign-born consumers in the U.S. who must communicate internationally, the need to keep costs down is vital. Thanks to cross boarder roaming and international roaming plans, it’s become easier for people to stay in touch around the world.

David Glickman, CEO of Ultra Mobile, predictes the company will continue to advocate on behalf of the Ultra Mobile consumer in 2016. “For the past 12 months, we have been incubating an OTT platform that will allow Ultra Mobile to go global, and offer additional features to our existing base,” he said. “Being in the mobile space is always challenging, and now the ‘Big 4’ have demonstrated a willingness to do things they haven’t done before, such as a shift away from contracts, this means that they are increasingly playing in the same space as us.”

The mobile industry will witness growth in video segment in 2016, leading to high demand for data and bandwidth.

“Carriers will be whitelisting Netflix, YouTube and VOD providers like HBO Go, if customers agree to reduce the size of the video image.   No point in watching 1080 dpi on a 5” screen.  This will instantly double the amount of data consumed per subscriber,” Glickman predicted. Read more

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