5G Lobby Groups Agree To Disagree Over KPIs

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A clash of opinions among 5G factions at CommunicAsia2015 demonstrated that the future of 5G standards – let alone what 5G itself means – is still up in the air, one week before a major ITU standardization meeting is due to take place.


Representatives from the ITU-R, the 5G Forum, the Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum, and the 5G World Alliance agreed to disagree on what aspects should even be in the KPIs for 5G, though all broadly agreed that it’s more about M2M rather than increased speeds.


The ITU’s 5G working group plans to finalize standards in their meeting in San Diego next week. Colin Langtry, chief of study group at ITU-R, said that the point is to enable ultra-reliable communications and low latency, among other factors. Original post at Telecom Asia

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