Airtel rises up to 4G challenge

4G Rollout is a Tough one for Telcos: Teradata

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Network deployment for 4G LTE is a complex and expensive task for telecom operators, especially in emerging economies such as India which have low average-revenue-per user (ARPU), Jon Penrose, a US-based telecom industry consultant at Teradata said.

Deploying LTE networks in India and globally is a hugely complex and expensive task for mobile network operators. Enhanced capabilities and benefits like bandwidth-on-demand require complex go-to-market and customer management strategies, Penrose told ET.

Emerging competitive threats from Over-the-Top (OTT) applications and services threaten to further reduce already low ARPUs and continue to mount a sustained challenge to the long-term revenue generation potential of 4G services. Original post by Muntazir Abbas

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