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    A Battery-Free World Might Unlock IoT Success

    University of Washington’s Sensor Lab reveals a new battery-free computer that can be programmed, updated, and powered using radio frequency identification (RFID), this new battery can be used to send a low-power signal to connected devices. “Wireless reprogramming brings [these devices] into the same computing spectrum as conventional computers by permitting them to run apps in…

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    Google Unveils ist Self-Driving Minivan

    Google’s Waymo has unveiled its self-driving minivan, a customized version of the Fiat Chrysler Pacifica hybrid. The minivan is equipped with Google’s self-driving technology, along with updated sensors, a more powerful computer system, and software updates. “As we get fully self-driving cars ready for the road, we’ll need more types of vehicles to refine and test our advanced…

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