• pcna
    Porsche Builds New Enterprise to Provide Digital Mobility Solutions

    Porsche starts new enterprise Porsche Digital GmbH in an objective to further develop Porsche as the leading provider of digital mobility solutions in the premium automotive segment. The Porsche subsidiary will cooperate closely with all departments in testing and implementing new value creation models and innovative product offerings. Among the tasks of Porsche Digital GmbH will be the…

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  • ericsson
    Telia Carrier Inks Global IoT Backbone Agreement with Ericsson

    Telia Carrier and Ericsson have signed an agreement for backhaul solutions, under the agreement Telia Carrier will provide backhaul and interconnect solutions to Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform via a dedicated IoT backbone. Backhaul between IoT operators and device management platforms is a critical link that requires extremely high levels of security and reliability. “It’s pretty clear that…

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