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    Vodafone Charging more for 4G data Compared to Other Telcos

    Vodafone’s data tariff is higher in Delhi region compared to other telcos, Vodafone is charging INR 2499 for 20GB of data, where as Airtel is charging 2149 for same amount of data. According to the tariff chart of Vodafone in these circles, the 20 GB pack is followed by a 10 GB pack at Rs 1,500…

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  • Airtel rises up to 4G challenge
    The $79 Billion Airwaves Dilemma Vexing India’s Telecom Barons

    The upcoming spectrum auction from TRAI could fetch $ 79 billion for sale of airwaves in 700 Mhz, with top telecom service providers competing in the auction leaves them with huge debts. “The total amount is both staggering and ridiculous,” said Chris Lane, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein in Hong Kong, who pointed out that…

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  • Telecom tower (Photo by W Rorrkychand Sing/Tonseblog.com)
    Vodafone may Rely on 2300Mhz for 4G Expansion

    Vodafone, country’s second largest telecom service provider may rely on 2300Mhz spectrum for its 4G expansion, as base price of 700Mhz spectrum is very high. Naveen Chopra, Chief Operating Officer, commented, “All of these (choosing spectrum bands) are interplay between how systems develop…in terms of the ecosystem. What was of no interest to people maybe 3-5…

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