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    Evolution of Communication with RTC and PaaS

    Most everyone loves real time communication (RTC) as the next big thing for businesses to engage with customers, from the beginning sale to ongoing support. In fact, this is becoming increasingly evident with the momentum that has been gathering around WebRTC applications development and deployment in particular as its ease of multiple media interactions from…

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    Goolgle Chrome gets VP9 codec Support

    Google released update Chrome M48 to its browser, which supports new VP9 codec. This codec allows video calls that will deliver high quality video, while simultaneously lowering the bitrate to a 40 percent lower bitrate when compared to H.264 and VP8 technologies. The chrome still uses VP8 as its default codec, the applications can switch…

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  • RCOM and Aircel Plan to Trim Debt to INR 200 bil before Merger

    RCOM and Aircel are planning to bring down debts before the merger, RCOM’s debt is expected to come down to INR 100 billion. Aircel, too, is planning to bring down its debt to INR 100 billion from the present INR 260 billion. Consolidation in India’s telecom sector, according to PwC, can be outright, like the MTS-Reliance merger, or via…

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