• Airtel rises up to 4G challenge
    Airtel Plans Small Cells on street poles to fix Call Drops

    #Airtel plans #small cells on street poles; #tower count reducing due to policy issues, #spectrum crunch and tower count drop poses big challenge, #data consumption on rise, #4G handset pricing set to drop, #5million 4G devices expected to be imported this quarter http://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/airtel-working-on-small-cells-on-street-poles-to-reduce-call-drops-gopal-vittal-115080700044_1.html  Follow this interview for discussion on Airtel’s 4G strategy with Gopal Vittal,…

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  • Photo by blog.tonsetelecom/W Rorrkychand
    Airtel to go live on 4G in 296 Indian towns in 4 weeks

    #Airtel to go live on 4G in 296 Indian towns in 4 weeks: Business Standard #4G Data Rates at 3G Prices; Exclusive deal on #Flipkart for Handsets; 10 minutes #USIM (4G SIM) swap; #4G data plans starting INR 25 (pre-paid) (USD 0.5). http://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/airtel-launches-4g-network-in-291-cities-ties-up-with-samsung-115080600492_1.html Bharti Group Chairman Sunil Mittal has taken an early-mover advantage in fourth-generation…

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  • SNAPDEAL Can Have Some More – $500Mil in from Alibaba, Foxconn, SoftBank

    Indian E Commerce is the hottest thing going – it looks like! And they haven’t event started yet?? Fresh $500 Million in from combination of Alibaba, Foxconn, SoftBank Get the full scoop here: http://recode.net/2015/08/02/indias-snapdeal-an-amazon-competitor-raises-500-million-from-alibaba-foxconn-and-softbank/   

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  • UBER Tata Overseas Fund
    How Uber Changes Emerging Market Dynamics

    Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse, this piece discussed briefly the subtler impact of Ubers on emerging market dynamics in areas other than transport -its primary business. Personal observations – Many thanks for your comments and observations, likes and remarks. Do keep them coming – Sridhar  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-uber-changes-emerging-markets-sridhar-tonse-pai

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  • The Viber – Nexmo Deal and Why Telcos Should be Worried

    Alan Quayle’s (@Alan_Quayle, @TADHack) excellent post on how the Telco’s are missing the point – on and on – and the risk they run in not investing time and bandwidth in understanding the Application economics and innovation behind it. A new partnership between Viber and Nexmo, bringing together Viber’s Messaging Platform and Nexmo’s Chat API…

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