• UBER Tata Overseas Fund
    How Uber Changes Emerging Market Dynamics

    Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse, this piece discussed briefly the subtler impact of Ubers on emerging market dynamics in areas other than transport -its primary business. Personal observations РMany thanks for your comments and observations, likes and remarks. Do keep them coming РSridhar  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-uber-changes-emerging-markets-sridhar-tonse-pai

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  • The Viber – Nexmo Deal and Why Telcos Should be Worried

    Alan Quayle’s (@Alan_Quayle, @TADHack) excellent post on how the Telco’s are missing the point – on and on – and the risk they run in not investing time and bandwidth in understanding the Application economics and innovation behind it. A new partnership between Viber and Nexmo, bringing together Viber’s Messaging Platform and Nexmo’s Chat API…

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