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2014’s Telecom Predictions: Sense and Insensibility

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This week, BT’s board reportedly decided to continue merger talks with U.K. mobile operators O2 and EE. According to Reuters, the incumbent telco will make its mind up about which one to bid for in the next 10 days.

The story has sparked a wave of speculation about how other players in the market might react. One of them, 3UK parent Hutchison Whampoa, has been involved in successful consolidation in Austria and Ireland, as well as an unsuccessful attempt to consolidate in Italy, and is understood to be mulling a move for whichever one of O2 or EE is left on the shelf.

It would be particularly gratifying if it came to pass because we at Total Telecom like to think we have a pretty good feel for where the telecoms industry is going, and at the end of last year, we predicted that a move by Hutch for O2 could be in the offing in 2014.

To ensure we are interpreting every cosmic signal correctly though, we feel it is important to take some time out to consider how accurate or otherwise we were with our 2014 predictions. Was our forecast that Hutchison would eye up O2 one of many well thought-out predictions or just a lucky guess? Have our instincts led us down the path to enlightenment, or up a blind alley? Original post at Total Telecom

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