• 4g lte
    T-Mobile To Replace Its 2G Network With LTE

    In a bid to claim the fastest LTE deployment the United States of America, T-Mobile Thursday announced that it is kicking off a major new program to upgrade its 2G/EDGE network with 4G LTE. The company plans to complete 50 percent of the work this year alone, and expects the program to be substantially complete by the…

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  • sk telecom
    SKT, LG U+ Sales Suspensions Extended

    Dylan Bushell-Embling SK Telecom and LG U+ have already been hit with a 45-day suspension for alleged repeated violations of a regulated cap on handset subsidies. Now regulator KCC has compounded these suspensions with its own penalties. KCC will suspend SK Telecom from signing up new customers – and selling handsets to existing customers on…

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