• T-Mobile Calls AT&T ‘the Darkness’

    T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been trash talking the competition ever since he joined the company. But today T-Mobile itself is taking its ongoing war with AT&T to a new level — or what some might consider to be a new low. The carrier has issued a satirical press release blasting AT&T for a new…

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    AT&T Sees a Big $6.9B Profit

    By- Devindra Hardawar For the first time in the past two years, AT&T actually has a profit for its fourth quarter. The carrier today announced a healthy profit of $6.9 billion on $33.2 billion in revenues — a far cry from the huge $3.9 billion loss it saw last year and the $6.7 billion loss…

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    17 Telcos to Build Asia-Africa-Europe Cable

    By- Dylan Bushell-Embling Seventeen major telecom operators have signed the construction agreement for the continent-spanning Asia Africa Europe Cable System (AAE-1). The AAE-1 cable system as planned will be one of the largest subsea cable systems ever deployed, with a length of around 25,000km. It will run between Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia on to…

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