• South Korean 5G Internet Move to Increase Download Speeds

    By: Justin McCurry South Korea’s already impressive internet speeds are about to pull even farther ahead of the rest of the world with plans to introduce a next-generation 5G wireless service capable of downloading full-length films in a second. The country’s science ministry said on Thursday it would invest 1.6t won ($1.5bn) with local firms…

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    4G Driving Data Usage but not all Markets Reaping the Rewards

    By: Calum Dewar Digital pioneers are seeing a positive impact from 4G but Europe is still struggling, says a new report from GSMA Intelligence. The rapid migration towards 4G-LTE in the world’s most advanced mobile markets is driving a surge in data usage, with 4G users typically consuming twice as much data per month as other…

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    Who’s Paying For Your Free Airport Wi-Fi?

    By: Alex Konrad Ten years ago McCarran was one of the first big U.S. airports to give away Wi-Fi. Today the airport is in the process of deploying one of the first systems to beam Wi-Fi outside the terminal to fliers stuck on board arriving and departing aircraft. Airports aren’t offering Wi-Fi because it’s suddenly cheap–it’s…

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    Verizon Publishes First Transparency Report

    By BRIAN X. CHEN Verizon Communications on Wednesday published a transparency report describing when and why it receives requests for customer data, like phone records or emails, from law enforcement and government agencies. Verizon is the first major phone carrier to publish a report of this kind — other carriers, like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile US, have…

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